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September 5, 2011

Two Lovebirds

by Dev B

I saw two lovebirds in a café.
A Boy with smile on his face.
A Girl with smile on her face.
My phone rang
And I came out due to noise
Girl was now standing beside me
And she was talking on phone
“Me serious and he’s smiling..”
“I don’t wana talk to him..”
“I don’t understand him”
“I don’t gel with him”
“Let it be, I’m leaving him..”
And she left the venue
Boy was still there
& waiting for her return.

I asked “why you’re smiling”
He blushed and asked me
“Have you ever been in love? “
I simled and asked back
“but your girl was in stress?“
“Yes I can see stress & feel her..”
“..but I was not able to hear her”
“I was smiling because…”
“She says my smile makes her happy”
“I just want her presence…
“.so never complained about disturbance.”
“I was crooning her favorite..”
“.. & thinking of our future.”
Boy said this with his genuine  smile.
I too laughed and left the café.

– Dev B

All Above happened with in 15 mins at that cafe.
Boy still comes to café, alone but at same time,
And his smile is fading with every passing time.