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September 7, 2011

R.I.P. : (R)est (I)n (P)ain

by Dev B

He liked your every presence
His eyes had sweet silence
He had calm utterance
Why he lost his appearance?

He acted for you as clown
His spirit is now blown
His soul is now drown
Why his heart is thrown?

He never gave you blame
He himself took claim
He is now alone & lame
Why he is loser in this game?

He liked you as divine music.
He was good in love’s basic
He had believe in love’s magic
Why his end is so tragic?

He was with you in love’s wain.
You now take his name as vain
This happened with him again
Why he is left to Rest-In-Pain?

– Dev B

Replacing HE with SHE will make this poem more appealing but matter of the fact is …

Emotions & Pains don’t discriminate on gender.

Man (too) cry  without  (or with) tears in his eye.

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September 5, 2011

Two Lovebirds

by Dev B

I saw two lovebirds in a café.
A Boy with smile on his face.
A Girl with smile on her face.
My phone rang
And I came out due to noise
Girl was now standing beside me
And she was talking on phone
“Me serious and he’s smiling..”
“I don’t wana talk to him..”
“I don’t understand him”
“I don’t gel with him”
“Let it be, I’m leaving him..”
And she left the venue
Boy was still there
& waiting for her return.

I asked “why you’re smiling”
He blushed and asked me
“Have you ever been in love? “
I simled and asked back
“but your girl was in stress?“
“Yes I can see stress & feel her..”
“..but I was not able to hear her”
“I was smiling because…”
“She says my smile makes her happy”
“I just want her presence…
“.so never complained about disturbance.”
“I was crooning her favorite..”
“.. & thinking of our future.”
Boy said this with his genuine  smile.
I too laughed and left the café.

– Dev B

All Above happened with in 15 mins at that cafe.
Boy still comes to café, alone but at same time,
And his smile is fading with every passing time.

September 4, 2011

True love doesn’t have a happy ending

by Dev B

Don’t fall, just rise in love.
If you fall in love then it’s lust.
If you love then Put all your trust,
and never hold on if she goes.
Wish her luck with your smile,
Say goodbye with love this time.
Letting go is true love, every time.
Wait for her in this night’s dark.
If she’s yours, she’ll come back.
Even if she doesn’t look back,
It’ll be not end of your love track.
Love track doesn’t have any length.
Love is in your every breath.
Love will go on after your death.
Love has no reason & no conclusion.
Love has no interval & no climax
True love does have a happy beginning.
True love doesn’t have a happy ending,
Because True love never have an ending

– Dev B

Human heart is full of unresolved dilemmas and complexities, which separates two lovers but if your love is TRUE LOVE then it’ll never end.

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August 26, 2011

It was a bright night after a special day.

by Dev B

It was a bright night after a special day.
I knew your life was on shaky ropeway.
Suddenly, I saw light in dark tunnel way.
I asked you to come on love’s expressway.

I was ready to wait till doomsday,
but you threw me on your doorway.
You believe in “my way or highway”.
You didn’t want to hear me anyway.

I was destined to killed by my simplicity,
but you thought I had lots of complexity.
Was it complexities of my simplicity?
Or, Was it innocent love’s complexity?

My mind and soul was in dismay.
You sentenced me to burned brutally,
that too, in fire of your word’s array.
My ashes were left there in ashtray.

My heart says you can’t betray.
My mind says you was in inner affray.
My ashes pray for you everyday.
My soul still loves you and cry.

I’m happy for you but my eyes are rainy.
Even if I want, I can’t cross your way.
You don’t need my presence on your way,
So I gift you my absence all the way.

– Dev B
– Inspired by events of someone’s life story.
– May God bless them. May God be with them
– I’m back to bogging. Thanks to those who wanted me to continue my writing.

August 21, 2011

You lost your words or I lost my hearing

by Dev B

Moments when we met in that summer.
Those sweet moments I still remember.

You asked my story, I asked your story
We talked about roller-coaster journey
It was almost enough to write history
Don’t know when we started our story.

We have numbers of similarities.
It questioned our singularities.

We traveled in emotion’s wain.
Our life had similar stain
We share the bond of pain.
Words were coming as rain.

It seemed God has heard our urge
And our lives started sudden surge

I don’t know what but something’s missing
May be Words, which were dazzling & raining
It formed a big gap, now heart is paining
You lost your words or I lost my hearing.

Better let the things happen naturally.
Believe me silence will break us badly

Where’re those tangible expressions.
Plz come back with communications.
Where’re those invincible passions.
Don’t tell, we don’t have emotions.

Moments when we met in that summer.
Those sweet moments I still remember.

– Dev B
As it happened. Inspired from someone’s life story.

August 20, 2011

पंद्रह साल बाद वो मुझसे मिलने आई

by Dev B

लगभग पंद्रह साल बाद
मुझसे मिलने वो आई थी
इन सालो मैं और मेरी
दुनिया बहुत बदली थी
पर उसे देख लगा वक़्त
संग उसके वहीं रुकी थी
रंग वही सफ़ेद दुधिया
बाल जैसे मेघ बदरिया
माथे पर लाल बिंदिया
आँखों में प्यार की नदिया
चहरे वही थोड़ी झुर्रिया
थोड़ी भी न वो बदली थी

सर रख गोद में उसके
मैंने आराम पाया था
उसके पुराने कहे किस्से
आज भी आँखों बसते थे
हर बात कहनी उससे
पर कह नहीं पाया था
मेरे अनकहे नए किस्से
अब आंसू बन मेरे बहे थे
वो बिन कहे सब वो समझे
आंखे उसकी भी भींगी थी
न कुछ वो बोल पायी थी
न कुछ मैं बोल पाया था
और जाने को वो हुई थी

मैंने पूछा – इतनी देर
क्यूँ आने में तुमने की थी?
अबकी जल्दी आना तुम
न आना तो पास बुलाना
हाँथ पकड़ उसके रोका
तभी आया ठंडा झोंका
आंखे खुली तो तनहा मैं
सुबह का सपना टुटा था|
सामने दीवार लगी उसकी
सालो पूरानी तस्वीर थी|
अपने ही कहानी की परियां
बन दादी अब मेरे साथ थी|

– Dev B
It’s been almost 15 years since my grandmother left us.
Today, It is first time when she came into my dreams.
Miss you “DADI”

August 10, 2011

मेरे हर छोटे सवाल पर, तुम क्यूँ मलाल करते हो ?

by Dev B

मेरे हर छोटे सवाल पर, तुम क्यूँ मलाल करते हो ?

जो मैं पूंछूं
“क्या है अब आज नैतिक”?
तुम बोले
“बची है बस वो मौखिक ”

जो मैं पूंछूं
“क्या है अब आज लौकिक”?
तुम बोले
“नहीं रही है बात ये मौलिक ”

मेरे हर छोटे सवाल पर, तुम क्यूँ मलाल करते हो ?

जो मैं पूंछूं
“क्या और कैसा है प्यार”?
तुम बोले
“बस है वो एक व्यपार”

जो मैं पूंछूं
“क्या है तुम्हारा रिश्ता”?
तुम बोले
“मंजिल का है ये राश्ता”

मेरे हर छोटे सवाल पर, तुम क्यूँ मलाल करते हो ?

जो मैं पूंछूं
“क्या यही है दुनिया की सची ताल “?
तुम बोले
“दुनिया की हर चाल है बेताल ”

जो मैं पूंछूं
“क्यूँ ऐसे है तुम्हारे जबाब”?
तुम बोले
“सिख लो दुनियादारी जनाब”

मेरे हर छोटे सवाल पर, तुम क्यूँ मलाल करते हो ?

– Dev B

Poetic version of a peppy talk between me and my friend.
My simple questions, His complex answers…huh..
As promised, One day, I will prove you wrong.
Anyways, Thanks for all GYAANs. 🙂
This is for you Dude.