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August 26, 2011

It was a bright night after a special day.

by Dev B

It was a bright night after a special day.
I knew your life was on shaky ropeway.
Suddenly, I saw light in dark tunnel way.
I asked you to come on love’s expressway.

I was ready to wait till doomsday,
but you threw me on your doorway.
You believe in “my way or highway”.
You didn’t want to hear me anyway.

I was destined to killed by my simplicity,
but you thought I had lots of complexity.
Was it complexities of my simplicity?
Or, Was it innocent love’s complexity?

My mind and soul was in dismay.
You sentenced me to burned brutally,
that too, in fire of your word’s array.
My ashes were left there in ashtray.

My heart says you can’t betray.
My mind says you was in inner affray.
My ashes pray for you everyday.
My soul still loves you and cry.

I’m happy for you but my eyes are rainy.
Even if I want, I can’t cross your way.
You don’t need my presence on your way,
So I gift you my absence all the way.

– Dev B
– Inspired by events of someone’s life story.
– May God bless them. May God be with them
– I’m back to bogging. Thanks to those who wanted me to continue my writing.