My Bucket List

Things To Do Before I sleep forever

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” ~ Joe Lewis

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” ~ James Dane

The objective of creating a bucket list isn’t to get into a race against time or to create aversion towards death. The whole point of a bucket list is to maximize every moment of our existence and live life to the fullest. It’s just a reminder of all the goals we want to achieve during our physical existence.

This is my Bucket List – things I want to do before my journey on this beautiful planet get to its physical end. There is too much to put down in this list, but will start with following (in alphabetical order)

  1. Achieve expertise in solving Rubik’s cube
  2. Be the part of successful campaign for “OneLawForAll” in India.
  3. Click at least one picture a day and post same on blog
  4. Correct my sleeping timings
  5. Create an big sand sculpture
  6. Direct a Movie
  7. Donate at least 33% of my wealth for some cause. – anonymously
  8. Explore Antarctica
  9. Fly fighter plane, That too close to earth.
  10. Founding a NGO to “Save & Protect Childhood”
  11. Get job in creative field
  12. Get out of “the mess” and say thanks to “someone” who created this.
  13. Get PHD degree
  14. Get rid of Ligyrophobia
  15. Get rid of Ochlophobia
  16. Get Sun Tattoo on my neck.
  17. Gift a car to papa
  18. Learn to juggle
  19. Leave urban place
  20. Leh-ladakh Trip
  21. Live and die with dignity with my own ideology.
  22. Live in a farm house in some hilly area. (Something like
  23. Make 100 people realize – God is one and only one.
  24. Make India proud.
  25. Mansarovar Trip
  26. Work at top IT org
  27. Open a small orphanage without any charity from other.
  28. Open something like super30 for Entrepreneur
  29. Own all Apple Gizmo   ( Macbook Air, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTV )
  30. Own one of the best DSLR with all accessories.
  31. Ride Super Bike, More than 1000 CC 🙂
  32. Participate as speaker in TED Conf.
  33. Prearrangement for my funerals – (by myself)
  34. Re-meet 10 best and worst people of my life after retirement.
  35. Register for organ donation
  36. Retire a bit early, when there is still strength left to start something new.
  37. Scuba diving
  38. See the Aurora Australis   .
  39. Own good telescope for star gazing.
  40. Travel into space
  41. Send my parents off on a world trip and tag along 😉
  42. Sky diving
  43. Start a Business (preferably in media)
  44. Start a diary/journal
  45. Stop shedding tears while watching emotional movie.
  46. Swim with dolphins and sharks
  47. Try Gym or Yoga
  48. Visit Patna Mahavir Mandir at least once a year
  49. Visit the seven wonders of the world
  50. Write a fiction novel
  51. Write a will
  52. Write honest autobiography
  53. Study at Premium institute

I will keep updating this as I complete current items and come across new ones.

I’ve recently found that sharing bucket list with other gives you additional motivation and accountability to follow through. Sometimes friends and readers can offer advice, help, or partnership on some goals. If you’d like to assist, advice, suggest, help, or partner with me in crossing anything off the above list, please leave your comment below.
PS  : – 

If you don’t have a bucket list, I recommend you to create one. How much time it will take? Probably half or an hour, :). What do you gain? Significant clarity and focus on what you want from your life. It’s an invaluable experience and inspiration to live life to its fullest. !

Don’t just read my bucket list though – Create your own too and live life to its fullest.

2 Comments to “My Bucket List”

  1. 😛 #1. go to youtube and enter your wish in there 😉 they have plenty of videos…

    And a sun tattoo on the neck, sounds kinda cool..
    And the 33% charity is not anonymous anymore 🙂

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