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September 13, 2011

Flight and Life

by Dev B

We left ground
We Pierced clouds
We broke the sky
Yes we are in flight
We achieved height
I smiled because now
Clouds are way below
Once I’ll get destination
I’ll be in my nation
I’ll  back through cloud
I’ll hit the ground

Suddenly, I realized
We break hearts
We hurt others
We avoid sights
We run for delights
To achieve our dream
To show height to them
We can get everything
But we forget one thing
At the end of all move
All we need is true love

Dear baloney
Life is like plane journey.
Just for reference
There is one difference
Cloud mends itself
But broken hearts can’t.

– Dev B

Never hurt anyone, at least those who has love & care for you.

September 10, 2011

Hate & love for rain.

by Dev B

Cloud is melting again
I’m in city of closed drain
City is now halted wain
Everyone is in strain
Traffic is always a pain
Now Road is full of hurdle

Notorious Potholes
Open Manholes
Knocked poles
Pits and holes
I can’t find road in holes
See road is now puddle

Fallen tree
I am busy bee
I want to flee
I have only one twee
Rain is no more glee,
with this huddle.

My cloth will not dry
I want to cry
No matter how much I try
I am full of fury
I don’t want to pry
But this rain is twaddle.

With this mar
I throw my bag in car
Come out on tar
Clouds are far
Drops & me are in war
This war is not doddle

I want to harm
I open my arm
With eyes on rain’s perm
But rain has special charm
Charm like mother’s warm
My pains dwindle

Now I am again a child
Now I’m again wild
But my soul is now mild
And my heart felt old gild
I reinvent an old guild,
with rain’s fondle.

I have no fury
Now I am not in hurry
Rain makes pain blurry
Rain helps to hide heart’s injury
Rain, I want to say you sorry
I’m in dark and Rain is candle.

– Dev B

September 9, 2011

I am not normal like them

by Dev B

(Poem is about a Boy who grown with his ideology. His ideology makes him different from others of his age and generation. Very few says “he is better than other”. Few says “he doesn’t fit in their world”. Most of people says – “he is not a normal boy”. Everyone wants a normal life so is he. He tried to change him self but he failed again and again. Later he accepted it. Might be, he is not a normal boy but for sure he is different. People love him in different way, unfortunately not the way he wanted, may be because … He is not a normal like us..)

I defuse any gossip
,which humiliates other
My thoughts & me..
I refuse to take sip
,which includes liquor
My personality & me..
But the way they stare
,at me and they whisper
I am not a normal boy

He doesn’t stalk like us
He doesn’t talk like us
He doesn’t act like us
He isn’t normal like us

I thought I do wired stuff
But guess I do not
I‘m not a poser
I thought I am a chuff
But guess I am not
They will mutter
“I‘m a loser”
I know they say later
I am not a normal boy

He doesn’t stalk like us
He doesn’t talk like us
He doesn’t act like us
He is not normal like us

I like same music
I like same movie
I don’t stalk like you
I don’t talk like you
I don’t act like you
Even if I am not normal
I am a human like you
But all you see is
I am not a normal boy

He doesn’t stalk like us
He doesn’t talk like us
He doesn’t act like us
He is not normal like us

Love is divine for me and it is business for them
Moral matters for me and it is just verbal for them
Relations matter for me and it is way to success for them.
I say – be useful for them and they say – go and use them;
They have thy philosophy and for benefits, they mold them
I believe in my ideology and even I lose, I stand with them
Even person like me does not love me but they like them.
I am graceful loser for them but they are winner for them.
I’m fool enough to be me but I’m not cool enough to be one of them

Yes I am too loon to be with them.
He doesn’t stalk like us
Yes, I am too anomaly to be with them.
He doesn’t talk like us
Yes, I am too unusual to be with them.
He doesn’t act like us
Yes I am too different to be with them.
He is not normal like us
Yes, I am not a normal

– Dev B

September 8, 2011

(H)er (O)ld (P)ain (E)nriches

by Dev B

(Poem is about a young girl who got married at very young age, went through domestic violence. She came out of marriage, achieved everything a human can dream of. She’s now a winner for the world which stops her to show her wounds and express her pains. She is HOPE for others but Her Old Pain Enriches due to this.)

They lit her
They tore her
They broke her
Her worst pain

She cried
She tried
And She failed
Her unbearable pain

She followed sun
She did the ton
And she won
Her retrograde pain

She wonders
She forgets
And she forgives
Her lost pain

A fay won the fray
Sorrows go away
But wounds still stay
Her irrecoverable pain

She looks bright
She laughs in light
And she cries in night
Her perplexed pain

She lies with pain
She lives with pain
And she dies with pain
Her untold pain

– Dev B

Duffer makes good people Suffer.

September 7, 2011

R.I.P. : (R)est (I)n (P)ain

by Dev B

He liked your every presence
His eyes had sweet silence
He had calm utterance
Why he lost his appearance?

He acted for you as clown
His spirit is now blown
His soul is now drown
Why his heart is thrown?

He never gave you blame
He himself took claim
He is now alone & lame
Why he is loser in this game?

He liked you as divine music.
He was good in love’s basic
He had believe in love’s magic
Why his end is so tragic?

He was with you in love’s wain.
You now take his name as vain
This happened with him again
Why he is left to Rest-In-Pain?

– Dev B

Replacing HE with SHE will make this poem more appealing but matter of the fact is …

Emotions & Pains don’t discriminate on gender.

Man (too) cry  without  (or with) tears in his eye.

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September 4, 2011

True love doesn’t have a happy ending

by Dev B

Don’t fall, just rise in love.
If you fall in love then it’s lust.
If you love then Put all your trust,
and never hold on if she goes.
Wish her luck with your smile,
Say goodbye with love this time.
Letting go is true love, every time.
Wait for her in this night’s dark.
If she’s yours, she’ll come back.
Even if she doesn’t look back,
It’ll be not end of your love track.
Love track doesn’t have any length.
Love is in your every breath.
Love will go on after your death.
Love has no reason & no conclusion.
Love has no interval & no climax
True love does have a happy beginning.
True love doesn’t have a happy ending,
Because True love never have an ending

– Dev B

Human heart is full of unresolved dilemmas and complexities, which separates two lovers but if your love is TRUE LOVE then it’ll never end.

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September 3, 2011

Who’ll cry when you die?

by Dev B

When you’ll stop laughing and crying
When you’ll stop listening and talking
When you will stop to live and to die
When you’ll kiss world with final goodbye

Your remembrances will be on cards
Your old photos will be on walls.
Everyone will remember you on that day
Everyone will forget you after few days

When you’ll leave all remembrance
Whose heart will have your memoir forever?
Who will remember when you die?

When dark night will come to never go
When you’ll stop your journey forever
When you’ll sleep to never wakeup
When you’ll not hear your heartbeat

Your death will be news for many
Your funeral will be event for many
Everyone’s tears will come on that day
Everyone’s tears will freeze after few days

When your eyes will dry
Whose heart will cry for you forever?
Who’ll cry when you die?

– Dev B

Stand for what you believe in, even if you have to stand alone because you’ll be remembered for your stand, not by the people for whom you take stand.

August 27, 2011

He left me speechless

by Dev B

He is fighting to make uncertain certain.
He gets simmer but sparkles delighter.
He confined under green curtain.
His eyes says pain to live lifeless.
I met him & he left me speechless.

He is reading reports; to say it’s in vain.
He is the lightweight fighter.
He has to win a great war to sustain.
His spirit is still fearless.
I met him & he left me speechless.

He is going through unbearable pain.
He still punctuates laughter,
Not once, not twice but again & again.
His smile is real and stainless.
I met him & he left me speechless.

-Dev B

I met my good friend who is a cancer patient. He taught me “how to live lifeless“.
God bless you and get well soon.

August 26, 2011

It was a bright night after a special day.

by Dev B

It was a bright night after a special day.
I knew your life was on shaky ropeway.
Suddenly, I saw light in dark tunnel way.
I asked you to come on love’s expressway.

I was ready to wait till doomsday,
but you threw me on your doorway.
You believe in “my way or highway”.
You didn’t want to hear me anyway.

I was destined to killed by my simplicity,
but you thought I had lots of complexity.
Was it complexities of my simplicity?
Or, Was it innocent love’s complexity?

My mind and soul was in dismay.
You sentenced me to burned brutally,
that too, in fire of your word’s array.
My ashes were left there in ashtray.

My heart says you can’t betray.
My mind says you was in inner affray.
My ashes pray for you everyday.
My soul still loves you and cry.

I’m happy for you but my eyes are rainy.
Even if I want, I can’t cross your way.
You don’t need my presence on your way,
So I gift you my absence all the way.

– Dev B
– Inspired by events of someone’s life story.
– May God bless them. May God be with them
– I’m back to bogging. Thanks to those who wanted me to continue my writing.

August 21, 2011

You lost your words or I lost my hearing

by Dev B

Moments when we met in that summer.
Those sweet moments I still remember.

You asked my story, I asked your story
We talked about roller-coaster journey
It was almost enough to write history
Don’t know when we started our story.

We have numbers of similarities.
It questioned our singularities.

We traveled in emotion’s wain.
Our life had similar stain
We share the bond of pain.
Words were coming as rain.

It seemed God has heard our urge
And our lives started sudden surge

I don’t know what but something’s missing
May be Words, which were dazzling & raining
It formed a big gap, now heart is paining
You lost your words or I lost my hearing.

Better let the things happen naturally.
Believe me silence will break us badly

Where’re those tangible expressions.
Plz come back with communications.
Where’re those invincible passions.
Don’t tell, we don’t have emotions.

Moments when we met in that summer.
Those sweet moments I still remember.

– Dev B
As it happened. Inspired from someone’s life story.