by Dev B

My present is a question mark
And future is in deep dark
Eyes bleeding, lips screaming
It is hurting and I am crying

I know nobody can help me
I’m not one who thinks ‘Let it be’
I tried but nothing is working
I end up with more suffering

It is complicated & unsolvable
This makes it more miserable
It is driving me like an insane
Why I am in this painful lane

My soul is pierced by dart
A lot of pain in my heart
My mind stops to respond
All I want is to abscond

Doesn’t matter where I go
Problems come along too
I know, I can’t turn the tide
I can’t run and I can’t hide

I’m dying each and every day
So, choosing a way to go away
Now, I have nothing to decide
As the only way out is suicide

-Dev B

One suicide every 40 second. WHO

May God give them peace.

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