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September 9, 2011

I am not normal like them

by Dev B

(Poem is about a Boy who grown with his ideology. His ideology makes him different from others of his age and generation. Very few says “he is better than other”. Few says “he doesn’t fit in their world”. Most of people says – “he is not a normal boy”. Everyone wants a normal life so is he. He tried to change him self but he failed again and again. Later he accepted it. Might be, he is not a normal boy but for sure he is different. People love him in different way, unfortunately not the way he wanted, may be because … He is not a normal like us..)

I defuse any gossip
,which humiliates other
My thoughts & me..
I refuse to take sip
,which includes liquor
My personality & me..
But the way they stare
,at me and they whisper
I am not a normal boy

He doesn’t stalk like us
He doesn’t talk like us
He doesn’t act like us
He isn’t normal like us

I thought I do wired stuff
But guess I do not
I‘m not a poser
I thought I am a chuff
But guess I am not
They will mutter
“I‘m a loser”
I know they say later
I am not a normal boy

He doesn’t stalk like us
He doesn’t talk like us
He doesn’t act like us
He is not normal like us

I like same music
I like same movie
I don’t stalk like you
I don’t talk like you
I don’t act like you
Even if I am not normal
I am a human like you
But all you see is
I am not a normal boy

He doesn’t stalk like us
He doesn’t talk like us
He doesn’t act like us
He is not normal like us

Love is divine for me and it is business for them
Moral matters for me and it is just verbal for them
Relations matter for me and it is way to success for them.
I say – be useful for them and they say – go and use them;
They have thy philosophy and for benefits, they mold them
I believe in my ideology and even I lose, I stand with them
Even person like me does not love me but they like them.
I am graceful loser for them but they are winner for them.
I’m fool enough to be me but I’m not cool enough to be one of them

Yes I am too loon to be with them.
He doesn’t stalk like us
Yes, I am too anomaly to be with them.
He doesn’t talk like us
Yes, I am too unusual to be with them.
He doesn’t act like us
Yes I am too different to be with them.
He is not normal like us
Yes, I am not a normal

– Dev B

September 8, 2011

(H)er (O)ld (P)ain (E)nriches

by Dev B

(Poem is about a young girl who got married at very young age, went through domestic violence. She came out of marriage, achieved everything a human can dream of. She’s now a winner for the world which stops her to show her wounds and express her pains. She is HOPE for others but Her Old Pain Enriches due to this.)

They lit her
They tore her
They broke her
Her worst pain

She cried
She tried
And She failed
Her unbearable pain

She followed sun
She did the ton
And she won
Her retrograde pain

She wonders
She forgets
And she forgives
Her lost pain

A fay won the fray
Sorrows go away
But wounds still stay
Her irrecoverable pain

She looks bright
She laughs in light
And she cries in night
Her perplexed pain

She lies with pain
She lives with pain
And she dies with pain
Her untold pain

– Dev B

Duffer makes good people Suffer.

September 7, 2011

R.I.P. : (R)est (I)n (P)ain

by Dev B

He liked your every presence
His eyes had sweet silence
He had calm utterance
Why he lost his appearance?

He acted for you as clown
His spirit is now blown
His soul is now drown
Why his heart is thrown?

He never gave you blame
He himself took claim
He is now alone & lame
Why he is loser in this game?

He liked you as divine music.
He was good in love’s basic
He had believe in love’s magic
Why his end is so tragic?

He was with you in love’s wain.
You now take his name as vain
This happened with him again
Why he is left to Rest-In-Pain?

– Dev B

Replacing HE with SHE will make this poem more appealing but matter of the fact is …

Emotions & Pains don’t discriminate on gender.

Man (too) cry  without  (or with) tears in his eye.

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September 5, 2011

Two Lovebirds

by Dev B

I saw two lovebirds in a café.
A Boy with smile on his face.
A Girl with smile on her face.
My phone rang
And I came out due to noise
Girl was now standing beside me
And she was talking on phone
“Me serious and he’s smiling..”
“I don’t wana talk to him..”
“I don’t understand him”
“I don’t gel with him”
“Let it be, I’m leaving him..”
And she left the venue
Boy was still there
& waiting for her return.

I asked “why you’re smiling”
He blushed and asked me
“Have you ever been in love? “
I simled and asked back
“but your girl was in stress?“
“Yes I can see stress & feel her..”
“..but I was not able to hear her”
“I was smiling because…”
“She says my smile makes her happy”
“I just want her presence…
“.so never complained about disturbance.”
“I was crooning her favorite..”
“.. & thinking of our future.”
Boy said this with his genuine  smile.
I too laughed and left the café.

– Dev B

All Above happened with in 15 mins at that cafe.
Boy still comes to café, alone but at same time,
And his smile is fading with every passing time.

September 4, 2011

True love doesn’t have a happy ending

by Dev B

Don’t fall, just rise in love.
If you fall in love then it’s lust.
If you love then Put all your trust,
and never hold on if she goes.
Wish her luck with your smile,
Say goodbye with love this time.
Letting go is true love, every time.
Wait for her in this night’s dark.
If she’s yours, she’ll come back.
Even if she doesn’t look back,
It’ll be not end of your love track.
Love track doesn’t have any length.
Love is in your every breath.
Love will go on after your death.
Love has no reason & no conclusion.
Love has no interval & no climax
True love does have a happy beginning.
True love doesn’t have a happy ending,
Because True love never have an ending

– Dev B

Human heart is full of unresolved dilemmas and complexities, which separates two lovers but if your love is TRUE LOVE then it’ll never end.

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September 3, 2011

Who’ll cry when you die?

by Dev B

When you’ll stop laughing and crying
When you’ll stop listening and talking
When you will stop to live and to die
When you’ll kiss world with final goodbye

Your remembrances will be on cards
Your old photos will be on walls.
Everyone will remember you on that day
Everyone will forget you after few days

When you’ll leave all remembrance
Whose heart will have your memoir forever?
Who will remember when you die?

When dark night will come to never go
When you’ll stop your journey forever
When you’ll sleep to never wakeup
When you’ll not hear your heartbeat

Your death will be news for many
Your funeral will be event for many
Everyone’s tears will come on that day
Everyone’s tears will freeze after few days

When your eyes will dry
Whose heart will cry for you forever?
Who’ll cry when you die?

– Dev B

Stand for what you believe in, even if you have to stand alone because you’ll be remembered for your stand, not by the people for whom you take stand.