Sun and Love

by Dev B

Like Sun’s rise in east,
    starting was the best
We were altogether
And staring each other
We were too much shy
Kisses on my closed eye
Each moment was fun
We cared for none
It was a lovely game
Why this never remains same
Our hearts are paining
Four eyes are raining
Your soul is still sincere
Your mind is elsewhere
Once you liked my thought
Now you find them naught
To make things easy
You became choosy
You’ve lost love’s zest,
    like Sun’s set in west.

– Dev B

2 Comments to “Sun and Love”

  1. wow! this is really fabulous expression 🙂 very nice topic with ” sun & love ”
    keep writing & smiling always !

  2. I stumbled upon your site on Google a couple days ago and this is my fourth time coming back, I absolutely love your posts! Thanks for another great read.

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