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September 20, 2011

Will we together walk another mile?

by Dev B

I still remember
We both were ember
      of a painful December.
We had similarity in life’s plot
You told me – you love me a lot
I loved you too and I can’t stop
Don’t know why there’s strife.
It’s like balancing on edge of knife
You forced me to go out from your life
May be things come with date of expiry
And I’ll be just another page in your diary
But you’ll be with me as my only fairy
I still remember that handshake
Promise me, for God’s sake
You’ll not think it as mistake
God bless you with all sunshine
And if you could ever think of me
You’ll feel that you were mine
May be we were together for awhile.
To keep this alive with our smile.
Will we together walk another mile?

– Dev B

There is no “The End” in real life, Real Life is about everlasting moments. So if you ever take pause, Take it with Smile.