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September 17, 2011

Smile is my profile and domicile.

by Dev B

(Poem is about emotional individuals who lack art of expression. Few of them learn to carry “mask of smile” which hides their inability to express emotions. Sometime they smile even there where smile is not needed and people misunderstand them. )

Whole day mile to mile
You see my eternal smile
I always laugh or giggle.
On life’s dusky mile,
You may feel its juvenile.

My face is tiled with smile
This smile is not volatile
This smile is not fragile
I’m with this from long while
You may feel I’m reptile

Our Life is highly mobile
I learned art to reconcile
I’m out of race of percentile
So I am like River Nile
You may feel I’m agile

Am I childish like juvenile?
Am I quick mover like agile?
Am I cold-blooded like reptile?
I am neither of above, Meanwhile
Smile is my profile and domicile.

– Dev B

Mask of smile is solution to many thing but it has own set problems. Is it worth it to have Smile’s Mask? Yes