Flight and Life

by Dev B

We left ground
We Pierced clouds
We broke the sky
Yes we are in flight
We achieved height
I smiled because now
Clouds are way below
Once I’ll get destination
I’ll be in my nation
I’ll  back through cloud
I’ll hit the ground

Suddenly, I realized
We break hearts
We hurt others
We avoid sights
We run for delights
To achieve our dream
To show height to them
We can get everything
But we forget one thing
At the end of all move
All we need is true love

Dear baloney
Life is like plane journey.
Just for reference
There is one difference
Cloud mends itself
But broken hearts can’t.

– Dev B

Never hurt anyone, at least those who has love & care for you.

One Comment to “Flight and Life”

  1. Your poetry is so real..I feel touched..

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