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September 10, 2011

Hate & love for rain.

by Dev B

Cloud is melting again
I’m in city of closed drain
City is now halted wain
Everyone is in strain
Traffic is always a pain
Now Road is full of hurdle

Notorious Potholes
Open Manholes
Knocked poles
Pits and holes
I can’t find road in holes
See road is now puddle

Fallen tree
I am busy bee
I want to flee
I have only one twee
Rain is no more glee,
with this huddle.

My cloth will not dry
I want to cry
No matter how much I try
I am full of fury
I don’t want to pry
But this rain is twaddle.

With this mar
I throw my bag in car
Come out on tar
Clouds are far
Drops & me are in war
This war is not doddle

I want to harm
I open my arm
With eyes on rain’s perm
But rain has special charm
Charm like mother’s warm
My pains dwindle

Now I am again a child
Now I’m again wild
But my soul is now mild
And my heart felt old gild
I reinvent an old guild,
with rain’s fondle.

I have no fury
Now I am not in hurry
Rain makes pain blurry
Rain helps to hide heart’s injury
Rain, I want to say you sorry
I’m in dark and Rain is candle.

– Dev B