Can’t forget my childhood

by Dev B

Can’t forget my childhood,
…….which is still in my mood.
Paper plane in windy weather
…….Paper boats in rain’s water.
Laughing and crying in any season,
…… without knowing any reason.
That sweet nap on mother’s lap,
……..Oh god!
……..Why did you create such a big gap?
Where are my grannies and
…….. their fairly tales?
Where are my friends and
……..their lovely games?
My life is going different ways,
…….. Oh God!.
…….. Fulfill my only desire
…… me to search my golden days.

– Dev B
15 June 2005


4 Comments to “Can’t forget my childhood”

  1. Delightful, sweet and true. Keep writing such stuff, Dev. Loved it. Promoted.

  2. Nostalgic! reminding me my childhood.

  3. wow this is delightful poem 🙂
    very nice & very true
    keep writing & smiling always

  4. What about the rest of those cretins on that show?? Making millions to show up at parties. Makes me sick when their are decent young people who struggle to get through college. All exhibit such bad behavior and are rewarded for it. Yes, it is the end of decent civilization

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