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January 2, 2009

In Search Of Happiness

by Dev B

|| Me ||

Sometime I think why I am not able to find even a single happy face around me.  I generally ask this question to all. People start answering with a typical answer “I’m fine” but their answer ends with – “why should I?”. Even after asking this question to many peoples around me, I am not able to find an exact reason behind the hidden sorrow behind a smiling face. I can feel that somewhere it is related to expectations and worries.

Expectation from God, Expectation from friends, Expectation from family, Expectation from relative, Expectation from livings, Expectation from non-livings ………Expectation from each and every thing around us except expectation from our self. In the similar way, we are worried for every thing around us.

As a human, it is almost impossible to get off from expectation and worry but impossible it self says – I’m possible. Only hope for this impossibility is hidden in a contemplative life, which can be achieved through spirituality.If any body wants to be happy person then S/he must try to go deep inside the spirituality which is itself not easy. We can minimize our habit to keep expecting and worrying by maximize believe in asceticism.

Six paths of happiness are directly or indirectly mentioned in almost every spiritual text and they emphasize on asceticism.

1. Deny any reward or punishment for either good or bad deeds.

Every living and non-living entity in this mortal world, is just a puppet operated by the great puppeteer of the universe. We do what supreme power wants us to do. Humans are the favorite creation of Great puppeteer, he attached us with long strings and gifted us a tiny brain. Some thing like an artificial intelligence enabled robot which are controlled by human. Whatever good or bad we do should be rewarded or punished by supreme power. Who are the human to reward or punishment for either good or bad deeds of other? We all know this but we always keep thinking about reward for self and punishment for other which is a cause of suffering

2. We are powerless but  suffering is optional

We always follow materialistic power in terms of monetary, physical, social, political etc, to make thing favorable to ourself. We keep trying hard to make our life certain and painless. It is human who has chosen worrying and suffering. Uncertainty is inevitable, but worrying is optional. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

3. The soul and  Pleasure-Pain are eternal

You can find a person in pleasure who has nothing and at same time you can find a person who has every thing but suffering with an unknown pain.  Suffering is “wanting what we can’t get” and “not wanting what we can”. World is full of pleasure and pain and its depends on individual that what S/he want to chose and how much. Thousands of lines has been written on the eternality of soul and obviously these lines have been read by millions but Do we ever able to believe in eternality of soul and certainty of death?

4. Death is certain, with death, all is annihilated.

“Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” – Peter Tosh. Everyone wants to have a life of heaven, annihilated from all type of sorrow. We forget that with death, all is annihilated; one can achieve MOKSHA only after death. We all live with necrophobia that’s why we don’t want to die. This phobia is with us because we know that we will be rewarded or punished by almighty for our deeds and no one want to be punished. How can we come out from the fear of death? Answer is – by the avoiding evil inside and outside us.

5. Restraint can help in the avoidance of all evil.

Our ATMANA can be endowed, cleansed by and suffused with avoidance of evil, which exist inside us or out side us. We need a strong self restraint to the avoidance of evil. Each of us has willpower and with their willpower they can develop self-restraint. We lose our willpower because we think lots. We think every thing but we never think ‘yes’ (i.e. certainty). We always think either ‘not’ or not ‘not’.

6. Don’t think so. Don’t think in that way or otherwise. Don’t think not or not ‘not’

Today we keep thinking even when we are sleeping. We think because we are worried. We are worried about expectation from us and our expectation from other. We keep thinking what if we do ‘not’ live up to expectation. Our today is the tomorrow that we worried about yesterday. We are worrying because the act of worrying has become a habit. That’s why worrying became a reason of sorrow.


PS: Above mention paths are known as Amoral-ism, Fatal-ism, Material-ism, Eternal-ism, Restrain-ism and Agnostic-ism. I found all six paths are related and depends on each other.


This is un-edited and un-published draft version written by Dev B ,in early 2005.   Later article published in Shak-Patrika 2009 Aug edition.