September 15, 2011

Hold Your Tear

by Dev B

‘O’ my dear,
         please hold your tear.
Don’t waste your pearl,
         please never snarl .
When pain takes lead,
         Shut your eyelids.
Live the intolerable,
         wear this unbearable.
Ride this hard tide
         but keep pearls inside.
Eyes should not cry,
         eyelashes should be dry.
You might not sleep
         but beep your weep.
Because a tear shed ever,
         dries out forever.

– Dev B

November 7, 2011


by Dev B

My present is a question mark
And future is in deep dark
Eyes bleeding, lips screaming
It is hurting and I am crying

I know nobody can help me
I’m not one who thinks ‘Let it be’
I tried but nothing is working
I end up with more suffering

It is complicated & unsolvable
This makes it more miserable
It is driving me like an insane
Why I am in this painful lane

My soul is pierced by dart
A lot of pain in my heart
My mind stops to respond
All I want is to abscond

Doesn’t matter where I go
Problems come along too
I know, I can’t turn the tide
I can’t run and I can’t hide

I’m dying each and every day
So, choosing a way to go away
Now, I have nothing to decide
As the only way out is suicide

-Dev B

One suicide every 40 second. WHO

May God give them peace.

October 29, 2011

The Journey

by Dev B

I was a child , I didn’t had any choice
I was innocent I had no voice…
I grew with emotions,I was through with the life
I was mother’s pride , I was dad’s pleasure
I was brother’s gift, I was family treasure…………..

Time took the race ,and beard holed my face..
I left the school , I went to college
I met my love by gods grace
I turned 25 , I got married,
I stood on my shoes , I was no more carried…….

Foots got apart hands lost the touch
I ran for the life , I ran for the hutch…
I moved with the time to gain some meaning
I left the relations far behind..

I forgot mother’s whisper, n dads rules
Those small toys and , n those heroic rides

Life entered a new chapter n days turned to years,
Hairs turned white, and I was into fears…
Postman knocked the door, his hands carried a note,
I was shocked by the time ,I was again into tears…

That soft touch gone into the air
She left my world,and all her cares
I memorize her words ,her wrinkled face
Her shivering hands , n the last she wrote……..

Son u were mothers delight,
But U were not during my last sight
I lost my will to live any more
M dying for the reason to make u sure…

The tough time never turned back
He left me forever, n left me blank
My life went empty without my dad
I never turned around when he was alive
He struggled thru out but never made me sad

I never did anything to make him please
Even I was not there during his release

I was a bad son oh!! Dear dad
I was an evil I never made u glad
I was the dark side in ur life
I was a bad soul into ur heard
I never hold ur hands I never touched ur heart..

I beg for the gud time ,can I get u back??
I beg for my teen days , can I get it track..

I know I missed u forever n ever,
I cant hav those days
I cant hav those pleasure…

Days for me is all going wrong
I remember mothers stories
I remember fathers song..

I m trying hard to survive
But my heart beats are not getting revived..
I will meet u mother in the heard of stars
I will hold u father whenever u will b in wars

I m coming to u , I have nothing left here
I’m leaving my place, I’m trying hard to b there
My journey remained unreached
My life remained unfinished..
I left the home to meet my life
I went to heaven I left my wife…

Jay Singh

This poem is beautifully crafted by one of the my  friend and now first guest blogger of this blog.

October 26, 2011


by Dev B

कुछ खास की आश में
दीप्त हो बना प्रकाश मैं
मन मेरा था मोम कभी
जल कर धुँआ हुआ अभी
रोशिनी की थी अभी यही
पर तल मेरे बस अँधेरा ही
बहुत जला मैं बन बाती
बुझने का बक्त हुआ साथी

भूल मुझे,कोई दीप नया
फिर तुम वहीँ जलाओगे
जहाँ प्रकाश बन इठलाया
आज राख वही मैं बना
कोशिश, कुछ शेष न बचूं
यादे बन अवशेष न रहूँ
बहुत जला मैं बन बाती
बुझने का बक्त हुआ साथी

-Dev B

जो लोग कभी हमारी खुशियों हुआ करते थे, हम आज की खुशियों में उन को भूल जाते…

September 21, 2011

Sun and Love

by Dev B

Like Sun’s rise in east,
    starting was the best
We were altogether
And staring each other
We were too much shy
Kisses on my closed eye
Each moment was fun
We cared for none
It was a lovely game
Why this never remains same
Our hearts are paining
Four eyes are raining
Your soul is still sincere
Your mind is elsewhere
Once you liked my thought
Now you find them naught
To make things easy
You became choosy
You’ve lost love’s zest,
    like Sun’s set in west.

– Dev B

September 20, 2011

Will we together walk another mile?

by Dev B

I still remember
We both were ember
      of a painful December.
We had similarity in life’s plot
You told me – you love me a lot
I loved you too and I can’t stop
Don’t know why there’s strife.
It’s like balancing on edge of knife
You forced me to go out from your life
May be things come with date of expiry
And I’ll be just another page in your diary
But you’ll be with me as my only fairy
I still remember that handshake
Promise me, for God’s sake
You’ll not think it as mistake
God bless you with all sunshine
And if you could ever think of me
You’ll feel that you were mine
May be we were together for awhile.
To keep this alive with our smile.
Will we together walk another mile?

– Dev B

There is no “The End” in real life, Real Life is about everlasting moments. So if you ever take pause, Take it with Smile.

September 17, 2011

Smile is my profile and domicile.

by Dev B

(Poem is about emotional individuals who lack art of expression. Few of them learn to carry “mask of smile” which hides their inability to express emotions. Sometime they smile even there where smile is not needed and people misunderstand them. )

Whole day mile to mile
You see my eternal smile
I always laugh or giggle.
On life’s dusky mile,
You may feel its juvenile.

My face is tiled with smile
This smile is not volatile
This smile is not fragile
I’m with this from long while
You may feel I’m reptile

Our Life is highly mobile
I learned art to reconcile
I’m out of race of percentile
So I am like River Nile
You may feel I’m agile

Am I childish like juvenile?
Am I quick mover like agile?
Am I cold-blooded like reptile?
I am neither of above, Meanwhile
Smile is my profile and domicile.

– Dev B

Mask of smile is solution to many thing but it has own set problems. Is it worth it to have Smile’s Mask? Yes

September 16, 2011

Why that why?

by Dev B

A clover’s hay
A lover with lay
Met yesterday
     ..with hope’s ray.
& went on a way.

Can meet today?
I want to fly
     ..with you fay
Are you shy?

Being in sky
     ..will be a joy
Ok, lets try
Hey You, say
Why that “WHY”?

** Hay is a form of dance.

– Dev B

(A random poem about how lovebirds talk.)

September 16, 2011

क्या है तू मोहब्बत?

by Dev B

मंदिर की इमारत तू
मौला की इबादत तू
तेरी जज्बात है दौलत
तेरी चाहत है आदत
तेरी शक्सियत है शोहरत
तेरी हिमायत है कायनात

मंदिर की इमारत तू
मौला की इबादत तू
तेरे शरारत में शराफत
तेरे नफ़रत में हिफाज़त
तेरे खिलाफत में जमानत
तेरे ख्यालात में फुर्सत

मंदिर की इमारत तू
मौला की इबादत तू
तू इंसानियत की इज्जत
तू कुदरत की इनायत
तू रांझे की शहादत
तू हीर की मोहब्बत

– Dev B
Finally I wrote the LOVE.

( First total happy post on this blog. Thanks for feedbacks. )

Life is full of love,  all you need a “heart” to have it.

September 13, 2011

Can you hug me tight?

by Dev B

When I was a toddler
I did insistence
       with watered eyes
Mom kissed my cheeks
       & Hugged me so tight
that I still remember its warmth

When I was kid
I returned home
       with bruised knee
Dad kissed my forehead
       & Hugged me so tight
that I still remember it’s warmth

When I was teen
I was unpredictable
       with my success & failure
Siblings kissed me
       & Hugged me so tight
that I still remember it’s warmth

Now I am young adult
I’m alone in my life’s wain
       with a broken heart’s pain
I miss those kisses & hugs
       Dear, Can you hug me tight?
I want to feel that warmth

– Dev B

Give a hug to your dear one, it can heal anything from a bruised knee to a broken heart.